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For the sake of simplicity, if a company or organization claims patent, trademark, or copyright protection on a concept or product, the company or organization MAY ASSERT PATENT, TRADEMARK, OR COPYRIGHT PROTECTION ON A CLAIMED INVENTION.
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This article discusses:
Negative Assertions
This article discusses how to use the assert directive in Fortran. It also explains the relationship between the assert statement and the warning directive.
Meeting Your Data Quality Goals. is an intelligent engine that analyzes business rules and data during and after the normal course of a business day.
Plug-and-Play Deployment of High-Availability and Always-On Apps in the Microsoft Windows Azure AppFabric Suite.
Deploying data quality tools using the Azure Data Lake. We will explain how these tools can be used for performing data quality assessments and how they can be integrated into the data warehouse and ETL process.
This article provides insight into the most common causes of poor quality data: lack of attention to data, technological limitations, lack of skills, and lack of training.
Mar 28, 2014 This article highlights many of the basic rules for writing Fortran90 programs. It also presents how to perform manual testing of your Fortran90 programs.
This article provides insight into the most common causes of poor quality data: lack of attention to data, technological limitations, lack of skills, and lack of training.
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Embedded data quality tools based on feature detection and simple regular expressions can be easily deployed as web services and web pages, and integrate easily with existing systems. Data quality tools commonly used for data cleansing may be deployed via this mechanism.
This method has proven to be effective

Sep 6, 2020
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699 S.E.2d 38 (2010)
Louis J. ROSER, Jr.
No. 539P08-2.
Supreme Court of North Carolina.
June 16, 2010.
Louis J. Roser, Jr., for Roser, Louis J.
Margaret Ann Magda Henderson, Assistant Attorney General, for State of NC.
Robert C. Montgomery, Assistant Attorney General, for State of NC.
The following order has been entered on the motion filed on the 19th of May 2010 by Defendant for Petition for Discretionary Review:
“Motion Dismissed by order of the Court in conference this the 16th of June 2010.”

Highcharts – check if data is valid or not

I have a chart that should display an error message at the end of each series when series data is not valid. I am currently using
if (!chart.series[0].data || chart.series[0].data.length